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Different problems in life demand different approaches to the solution. Putting too much effort is not the only solution. Also, it’s not always rewarding. 

Are you looking for an effective solution that solves your problems and consumes fewer efforts from your side? Try casting magic spells. People often cast magic spells to overcome several issues in their life, with minimum effort and the desired outcome received. 

We, the Mama Heba, are a team of experienced, potential, and professional astrologers. Our astrologers have years of experience in astrology and have solved people’s problems by casting various magic spells which are effective for their problems. 

Love spells

Love is a feeling everyone desires in their life. To love and to be loved requires courage and a feeling of acceptance. There are various ways and forms in which a person can feel this beautiful feeling.

Health Spells

Health spells are a broad category for spells. They can be used for both to cure and heal others as well as to cause pain or harm others. Before casting a health spell, the caster must be certain of the expected outcome and the target.


Spiritual spells

Spiritual spells are the spells that require one's heart and soul to be potent when cast. These spells are quite difficult to cast, only experienced casters can cast the spells with success.

Trick Spells

Do you ever feel like having certain magical powers that are fun to try and exciting to cast? While watching Harry Potter or other magic drama, you might always have had a desire to perform certain magic spells like ...

Wealth Spells

If you wish to be wealthy, wealth spells are all that you need. Casting a wealth spell will help you become wealthy. You can attract more wealth in your life. These spells bring abundant wealth, money, and success to your life.

Beauty Spells

Beauty is eternal. Everyone wishes to be beautiful in life and feel beautiful. Beauty is not limited to outer beauty but also reflects inner beauty. Beauty spells are a few of the most powerful spells. Beauty spells transform one's entire persona.


Luck Spells

Do you want to change the way luck favors? Well, why not try luck spells? Luck spells are the simplest and most performed spells among various spell sets. They are easy to cast and do not have too much complexity. Luck is a feeling than a thing.

Life Spells

Life spells are another set of Magical spells that deal with various aspects of life such as family and career. These spells are cast to overcome certain issues in life by Casting a magical spell. One can sort life issues related to family friends career and social life using a life spell.

Black Magic spells

Are there different types of magic? The answer is No! Magic does not have different types, but in general people have classified it as White magic, Red magic, Green magic, and Black magic. his separation of magic based on colors is useful to classify magic as the one for love, evil, money or wealth, or good cause. Black magic is the magic that is called Evil Magic.

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